Part 2: Looking at potential houses

Searching for a potential house?

Looking at potential houses?

Once you’ve found a few potentials online or through the newspaper, of course, you’d want to see the house in person. But don’t get dazzled by the place yet. There are some things you need to check out or ask the agent/owner before you make your decision.

1. Ask the person you are dealing with about the traffic density and noise of the area.

If you are a student, a highly noisy location would disrupt your studies. If you’re working, high traffic during rush hours would mean that it would take you longer to get to and from work.

2. Are there any amenities near the place?

Ideally, a house that has convenience stores, clinics, places of worship nearby is good. That would mean you wouldn’t have to travel all that far to get necessities. Furthermore, try to find out if there are any public transports near the house. For those without cars, this is convenient, since going places won’t be such a big problem.

3. Be sure to check for any leaks (water, gas, etc) from pipes.

If there are, you should make sure that the agent/landlord knows and fixes it, should you choose to rent the place.

4. Make sure the plumbing works.

Ask about the water pressure, and test it to be sure. Hot water should come out of showers or pipes which are connected to water heaters. Last but not least, the toilets should flush properly and be in decent condition. You don’t want to sign papers and find out that your plumbing is bad, trust us.

5. Turn on all electricity and appliances that comes with the house. They should be in working condition.

6. Check all windows and doors in order to make sure that they open, close and lock properly.

7. If you intend to have a pet, find out beforehand the policy the landlord has on pets.

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One Response to Part 2: Looking at potential houses

  1. Peter Loke says:

    1. It is better you visit the property and the surrounding during peak hours and checkout the traffic jam yourself.

    2. For the water, make sure it is not yellow in color. This could be due to rust in the pipe and you will need to spend money on new plumbing.

    Klang Valley