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Topic : CCris & High Commitment available to apply HOME LOAN
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Posted By : azura
Date Posted : 2009-05-10 14:22:41
Hai, saya Azura dari Malaysia Building Society Berhad (MBSB).
Terbuka kepada semua pembeli yang berminat untuk membuat pinjaman perumahan atau membiayai perumahan semula (re-finance), sila hubungi atau sms saya ditalian 019-2188982 untuk keterangan lanjut. (terbuka juga kepada mereka yang mengalami masalah CCris atau High Commitment)

ready to serve,
e-mail : sahisalazura@gmail.com

Posted By : Ahmad Azwan
Date Posted : 2009-05-10 22:32:51
Could I know what is the difference between MBSB and other banks? How can you give very loose requirements, do you guys charge more on interest/profit?

Posted By : azura
Date Posted : 2009-05-11 15:02:17
hai azwan,

Yes, We are difference compare with the other banks, Actually we are not under Bank Negara but we Subsidiary from the EPF. That why we are not check your CCris and commitment.
For your info, our BLR now is 5.55% + 0.5%, we have 3 packages, conventional, Islamic - EZi and Islamic - Fixed Rate.
so if you interested, I'm really appreciated if you could leave your phone number for me to call you soonest possible for more further information. Thank you.

Posted By : Elzie Darwinna
Date Posted : 2009-05-12 10:53:00
hai Azura...

I'm a freelance real estate agent..r you are in Jalan Dungun? do you know Azri?? i heve client intend to refinance, can you assist me to let me know the the quotation for refinancing loan of RM180K for 25 years?
anything please update me..tq

013-267 4561

Posted By : azura
Date Posted : 2009-05-12 23:38:08
Hai Azwan,

Azri already quit... why?? before this u always deal with him?? anyway thanks to join me this forum, i hope after this we can keep in touch each other. ok, as per requested i give to you the quotation for refinancing cases - Loan amount : RM180,000-00 for 25 years around RM1,110-00 per months.

Any question please call or sms me at 0192188982 for more details information.



Posted By : Zulkifli Zainol
Date Posted : 2009-11-25 00:08:44
Hi Azura,

Saya ada ctos rekod yang telah diselesaikan pada ogos yang lalu. Namun rekod ctos seperti yang kita ketahui akan kekal selama2nya. So macamana peluang saya untuk mendapatkan home loan drpd MBSB. Nak beli rumah harga 226400 nak buat pinjaman 90% dan zero move in cost selama 30 tahun.

Posted By : Faizol
Date Posted : 2010-05-10 16:03:30

cik azura.. my friand have a problum name blaklisted ( credit card ) he want to apply home loan ( low coast ) 65k..30 years. question can or cannot my friend apply home loan..

Posted By : nisha
Date Posted : 2012-02-01 18:02:33

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